Drama. The decision to make an image black and white takes place in post-production in a beautiful organic fashion. Armed with strong cups of coffee, we hunker-down and prepare for what is inevitably a long post-production session. Far from taxing, however, in a lot of ways, post production (or “post,” as we call it within the industry), is really where a lot of the magic takes place.

Adjusting the lighting, enhancing the shadows and highlights, removing the beer stain from the best man’s vest, post is where the majority of the photos or videos that are captured breathe their first confident breath of life.

In the darkness, smiles are cracked, jaws are dropped, and tears are wiped away. There is a real sense of satisfaction to relive our client’s magical day. Through thousands of photos and hours of footage, the portfolio starts to establish itself. And then… a photo comes across the monitor that we as artists just know belongs in a world derived of color.

Black and white images are not pre-determined. There is never a black and white plan or scheduled portion of the day and evening.